Beer and Pizza on a Boat

Beer and Pizza

Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.

Dave Barry

Beer and pizza. They just go together. But what pizza and what beer? Turns out there are certain beers that pair well with different pizza flavours.

On the boat I have a few favourite pizzas we enjoy often (maybe too often, if that’s such a thing). So here’s my interpretation of the best beers to pair with these pizzas.

Mediterranean Veggie Deep Dish Pizza

Beer and Pizza on a Boat ⚓ Wife on a Boat

This is probably my favourite pizza ever. And it looks like we have a few options to pair with a Mediterranean Veggie Deep Dish Pizza.

First, a wheat ale would pair well with olive oil, herbs, feta and veggies. Our second choice is a Scotch ale that pairs nicely with the spinach and feta. Or we could try a Koslch which allows all those veggies to be the stars they are meant to be!

Smoked Oyster & Bacon Deep Dish Pizza

Beer and Pizza on a Boat ⚓ Wife on a Boat

Perhaps unsurprisingly, handsome hubby’s Smoked Oyster & Bacon Deep Dish Pizza creation does not have a direct beer and pizza pairing.

But by taking the flavours and pizza style into account there are some tasty choices. One is a citrusy pale ale as a refreshing contrast to the smoked oysters. Or we could try an American strong ale which stands up to all the cheese and sauce in the deep dish pizza.

Shrimp Scampi Deep Dish Pizza

Beer and Pizza on a Boat ⚓ Wife on a Boat

For a seafood pizza like a Shrimp Scampi Deep Dish Pizza, a Berliner Weiss is the number one choice. Its tart acidity and citrus profile pairs well with the shrimp and cheese. And thanks to its fruity nose and dry hopping a farmhouse ale pairs with the spinach and shrimp.

More Beer and Pizza Pairings

See the full list of pizza and beer pairing. I’m looking forward to trying an Italian Meatball pizza with an IPA as that’s my favourite beer. And the Hawaiian combined with a golden ale is another on my list.

What’s your favourite beer and pizza combination?

Don’t like beer? What’s your favourite beverage with pizza?

Stay safe and happy cruising!

Beer and Pizza on a Boat ⚓ Wife on a Boat

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