I’m a Wife on a Boat

Wife on a Boat

In November 2018, my handsome hubby and I sold our condo, got rid of most our stuff and moved onto a boat. Yes, we liveaboard a 1978 Tollycraft 37 in good weather and the not so good weather.

My handsome hubby is an outstanding cook with plenty of boating experience. On the other hand, I grew up in Southern Ontario with zero interest in cooking (or really any of the domestic arts) and our family vacations were definitely land based.

Now I’m a Wife On A Boat responsible for the majority of our meals and the other domestic chores. Cooking on a boat is different than in a traditional home. The fridge is smaller, the stove is smaller, the pantry is smaller and the counter space is smaller. But the taste doesn’t have to be smaller.

Our diet is best described as flexitarian with handsome hubby eating a bit more meat. Many of the recipes on this site are plant-based but not all of them. We make no apologies and make sure we enjoy food whether on the boat, with friends and family or while traveling.

We are currently moored on the Fraser River in Richmond, BC and share about 250 square feet. Our possessions are limited and we maintain a minimalist lifestyle.

Our decision to change our lifestyle was born from a desire to be debt-free, live life to the fullest and turn our dreams of travel and financial freedom into reality.