Gingerbread Cobbler on a Boat

Gingerbread Cobbler

If you’re looking for an easy, gooey and company-worthy holiday dessert, this Gingerbread Cobbler from Courts House will not disappoint! I saved this recipe too many years ago and I’m only mad that I didn’t make it sooner. But now that I have, it will be added to many holiday, potluck, company and just because dinners.

Plant Based Changes

If we have to classify how we eat on the boat, it is flexitarian. Plant based and vegetarian options make up the bulk of our meals with some meat and seafood.

But for baking, it’s usually plant based because it’s easier to keep the ingredients on hand. And while this recipe is pretty much plant based already, I made one swap: oat milk for the eggnog or whole milk.

I made one other change (non plant based) was to cut back on the sugar just for our personal preference.

Making Gingerbread Cobbler on a Boat

I made this Gingerbread Cobbler while prepping our Thanksgiving dinner. And it was so easy and barely took any space on the limited counter space. I baked it in a 8×8 dish and it tucked in nicely in my little Magic Chef oven right beside my stuffing that was heating for dinner.

The original recipe suggests eating this warm and I 100% agree. I mean, the leftovers were totally tasty when cold, but the warm version was super ooey gooey and the perfect end for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Boat Tested and Tasted

This Gingerbread Cobbler was tested and tasted on a 1978 Tollycraft 37 Sedan using a MagicChef Propane stove. See other boat tested and tasted recipes.

If you didn’t click the link above, do it now – you won’t regret making this Gingerbread Cobbler. Now, that I FINALLY made this dessert, I can’t wait for the next time.

Stay safe and happy cruising!

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