Wordless Wednesday – June 24

Easiest Broccoli Tuna Casserole (Instant Pot)

Easiest Broccoli Tuna Casserole (Instant Pot)

Cooking on a boat is definitely different from cooking on land. On our boat, the galley is small (like most boats) so one-pot recipes are...

Boat Quote - How Little We Need

How Little We Need

Moving onto a boat and about 250 square feet definitely proved how little we need to be happy – just a comfy life with adventure,...

Easiest One-Pot Veggie Pasta (Plant Based, Instant Pot)

I jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon in 2016. And I pretty much wanted one to avoid soaking dried beans overnight (because I never remember)....

Make Life An Adventure

Make Life An Adventure

Some Monday Motivation and words I try to live by everyday! Life really is too short not make everyday an adventure. #MondayMotivation

⚓ Life on a Boat – May 15 – 21 ⚓

Life on a boat is slowing starting to return to a normal. Will it be the same as before the lockdown? Probably not. So it...

meaning of maritime

The meaning of maritime life

Weird morning thoughts often flit though my mind between my brain waking up and my eyes opening. The other morning I was wondering about the...

Life on boat during a pandemic

⚓ Life on a Boat During a Pandemic ⚓

Life on a Boat during a pandemic. Some things are the same. Some things are different. But one thing, is the past eight weeks have...