Moby’s Pub – Smoked Duck Wings and More!

Moby's Pub Salt Spring Island ⚓ Wife on a Boat

Visit Moby’s Pub for the smoked duck wings, stay for the burgers and pork belly ramen!

Now that handsome hubby and I are getting the hang of anchoring while we’re cruising, we stay at fewer marinas than we once did. And that has translated into more meals on the boat than at restaurants.

While that is great for our budget (and waistlines), there are still some can’t miss stops. Case in point, Moby’s Pub in Ganges on Salt Spring Island in BC’s Gulf Islands.

We found this pub a couple of years ago when we stopped in Ganges for a night to provision. It’s not hard to convince handsome hubby to try a new pub, especially one with smoked duck wings on the menu.

At the time, the Salt Spring Marina was under massive re-construction (in that it didn’t exist) so it was a short walk from the Ganges Marina. And worth every step.

Now with the Salt Spring Marina open and oh so close to the Moby’s Pub, it’s pretty much impossible not to enjoy a meal (or three) at the pub while we’re in Ganges.

What to Eat at Moby’s Pub

The aforementioned smoked duck wings are worth the trip alone. In fact, some American friends of ours made this one of their first stops once the border re-opened and they could once again cruise in the Gulf Islands. The #1 reason – the duck wings.

If you happen to be there on a Monday – it’s Buck A Duck (Wing) which is great deal for these tender, juicy and flavourable wings. And if Monday doesn’t work out for your plans, the Duck Wings appy plate or dinner are great value.

Other Highlights

Moby's Pub Salt Spring Island ⚓ Wife on a Boat

If duck wings aren’t up your alley, or if you’re like us and make daily visits while in town, then the burgers and pork belly ramen are great choices.

I like a good deal and Moby’s Burger & Beer for $18 on Tuesdays fits that bill perfectly. Not only do you get a great burger but also your choice from the beers on tap. And the majority of their brews are local craft beer.

I’ve had both the Moby’s Burger (beef) and the Village Veggie Burger, which is one of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever enjoyed. And the veggie burger may actually be better the next day as a quick and easy leftover lunch – no need to reheat it.

As far as sides go – I either do the half fries and salad option (+$2) or the soup (+$3) – especially when it’s their curried butternut.

If handsome hubby wants something other than duck wings, chances are he’s ordering the Pork Belly Ramen with confit pork belly and lots of veggies and noodles. For $18.50 it’s another filling meal for good value.

Taking Moby’s Home

As much as I wish we could live in the Gulf Islands, the reality is it remains a vacation destination until retirement (or a dream and pretty much impossible relocation) happens. But, we can enjoy a taste of Moby’s while we plan our next Gulf Islands cruise – they sell their Duck Wing Sauce. We’ve enjoyed it on chicken wings and ribs.

Getting to Moby’s Pub

As mentioned, Moby’s is located conveniently (or dangerously) close to the Salt Spring Marina and a short walk from Ganges Marina. We usually time our stay with a provisioning stop. But if you are just looking for a quick stop for lunch, check with the Salt Spring Marina to see if they have a spot you can rent for a couple of hours.

Visit Moby’s website  |  Salt Spring Marina  |  Ganges Marina

Stay safe and happy cruising!

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