Life on a Boat ~ October 4-10

  • October 11, 2021
Life on a Boat October 4

What did life on a boat look like for October 4-10? Well, I found water where it shouldn’t be, we went to a hockey game and celebrated Canadian Beer Day!

Staying warm on a boat

Life on a Boat October 4

My new slippers from Cabelas arrived on Monday! The previous pair finally wore out last year and handsome hubby got me new ones for Christmas but this particular brand must be one-size larger than my foot size. And they haven’t had any size 11 in stock for months!

I finally found them on-line the other day and ordered them. So very very very happy. They are comfy, cozy and feel secure on my feet. The Amazon ones I bought (because I needed slippers) didn’t fit as well and made me nervous going up and down our galley steps.

Slipper are a must on a boat – the galley, head and v-berth floors are all pretty much next to the water making them much colder than floors on land.

Fleece Sheets

The overnight temperatures are now dropping closer to zero than I’d like so I planned replace the summer sheets with our winter fleece sheets this week. The only flaw with that plan is that I couldn’t find the winter sheets. They are not in in any of the logical places. So the summer sheets went back on the bed.

I love my winter sheets. A boat friend of mine told me about fleece sheets which I had never heard of. I was planning on getting flannel but she said these were even warmer. And she was right. These are the ones we use on the boat. We use two twin sheets on our v-berth. It is just so much easier to make the bed by making it into two separate beds.

Thankfully, I had an epiphany on Friday and found the sheets stored properly and easy to find. I just didn’t remember how clever I was earlier this year. It feels so good to snuggle in these fleece sheets.

Views on a boat

Life on a Boat October 4

Mother Nature treated us to a number of great views from the boat this week.

While I was making dinner on Tuesday, the clouds and sun met in that perfect way for a rainbow. And no doubt about it – there was a perfect double rainbow off the back of the boat. So very beautiful.

And getting up early paid off all week with some brilliant and interesting sunsets. Even though we (technically) live in the city, the views from the boat are different.

Shopping on a boat

When docked at our home marina and living our day-to-day lives, I shop both on-line and in-person. The in-person shopping is pretty much at Walmart while I use for grocery delivery and Amazon for other stuff. And sometimes we find fun items on other sites that we need or know the other will love.

This latest on-line purchase falls into that latter category. On Thursday, I got home from a Walmart trip just in time for a call from a marina. An on-line order was being delivered COD, so I quickly ran up to give them my credit card. It was Handsome Hubby’s early Christmas sweater from Long Wharf Supply.

Their fisherman’s sweaters are made from a soft blend of recycled oyster shells, recycled water bottles, and natural lambswool. It is a pretty awesome sweater. Of course, living in Canada made it pretty awesomely expensive too – especially since we can’t do US shipping right now. With the exchange rate, shipping and import fees, it ultimately cost twice the original purchase price! Good thing he loves it and hoping he wears it every damn day (lol)!

Fun on (or off) a boat

Life on a Boat October 4

Wednesday was Canadian Beer Day so Handsome Hubby and I celebrated with a pint of Slacktide from Taylight. Then we went up to the marina pub with a couple boat friends for wings, trivia and fun. We did not do well in the music category (nothing like a modern music category to remind us twe’re getting old) but other than that we did quite well. And it could become addicting to go to the pub on Wednesdays for trivia.

Life on a Boat October 4
On Thursday, Handsome Hubby received a pair of Vancouver Canucks tickets for Saturday’s game from his work! So yay, a date night in Vancouver. It’s been a long time since we did anything like this.

We stopped first at Strathcona Beer Company for a flight and snack. I love their Big Sexy Funk IPA – it’s my go to beer when we eat at Frankie G’s pub, so I was curious to try their other beers. Turns out they are delicious. My flight was the Premium Pilsner, Beautiful Pale Ale, Nitro Coffee Porter and of course Big Sexy. I truly enjoyed them all. We also snacked on their Garlic Bites (I’m drooling just typing this) and Marinated Olives. Very, very tasty.

From there it was into downtown Vancouver to find parking (surprisingly easy) and into Rogers Arena for the Canucks game. Not gonna lie, it was weird and a little stressful to be around that many people again. Yes, they were all vaccinated but some just don’t want to wear a mask and don’t mind being too close to others. The game was fun though – a bit of dud on behalf of the Canucks but we enjoyed it immensely – it was free and the seats were great.

Projects on a boat

Artwork on a boat

I made the list of projects for Shiloh this week. It’s long. Like really long. And some of the projects are not going to quick and easy or cheap. But we have a list so there’s a start.

I’m thrilled we completed the re-design of the artwork and addition of the boat clock next to our appliance cubby. We just love our new octopus painting by our friend Anna Trelford at AMT-UP Art. It brightens up the boat and makes me smile every time I see it. And added bonus, we reorganized the cords in the cubby so it looks much tidier.

On Friday, I planned to clean the electrical heater so we can use it at night to keep us a little warmer while we sleep in addition to my normal vacuum and clean morning. That quickly changed to include drying out the bathroom cupboards thanks to condensation. I wish we could figure out this insulation thing. Since I was in there, I also spent some time cleaning out the cupboards so there is less stuff shoved against the back wall in hopes that will help the situation. Not to mention they were getting pretty crammed full of stuff so it was needed – I just wasn’t planning on doing it now.

Exercise on a boat

I’m starting to sound like a broken record – another week with no runs.

Food on a boat

Food on a Boat

This week’s recipes

Sheet Pan Tacos ( for National Taco Day

Definitely an easy and very tasty way to make veggie tacos but I’m not sure about the recipe serving 4. We barely had enough for 2 of us! Next time, I’ll double the veggies. I also smashed the beans a bit so they weren’t quite some roly-poly in the taco shells.

Tuna Poke Bowls

Unlike last week when I used beets instead of tuna, I used actual tuna steaks this week. And they were easily among the best food I’ve ever made!! Searing the tuna steaks made me nervous but it was super easy with the recipe I used (Bowl of Delicious).

The base was white rice mixed with rice vinegar and then topped with radishes, carrots, cucumber, avocado, the tuna, green onions, spicy mayo and crumbled seaweed. Next time I make them, I’ll but the mayo on before the tuna, but other than that, no changes! Oh, how I raved about dinner. And sadly, yes, another restaurant fav I can make at bome instead of going out.

Pierogis Sheet Pan Meal for National Pierogi Day

This was loosely based on a recipe from Foodie With Family. I purchased some butternut squash and sage pierogis from Nina’s Pierogi through my Spud grocery delivery. I know pierogis are traditionally boiled and fried, but I like easy one pot dishes so I tried this sheet-pan method. It turned out great.

We used bison brats, brussels sprouts and the pierogis all spread out on the cookie sheet and baked for about 30 minutes. I topped them with a hummus and jalapeño mustard dressing.

Lemon Mushroom Risotto (Instant Pot)

With the addition of the Canucks game to our schedule, my meal plan was all out of sorts. And I had nothing planned for weekend lunches – I seem to forget about lunch when I plan our meals. I guess they are supposed to just appear or something.

Originally, I planned risotto for Sunday dinner but then we needed to cook a roast for Handsome Hubby’s sandwiches. So I could make the risotto for lunch which leaves lots of leftovers for the other weekend lunches. And we would have a roast beef dinner on Sunday. Problem solved.

But, then our boat friend who is Polish, brought us blueberry pierogis with a sour cream and cinnamon topping while I was making the risotto. So we definitely scarfed those down and had some risotto – quite the lunch overall! I need to find out where he got those pierogis because he knows where to get the best Polish food.

Roasted Dijon Potatoes, Caesar Salad and Grilled Roast Beef

Usually I cook roasts in the slow cooker or Instant Pot but it was a gloriously sunny day so handsome hubby fired up the grill. An hour and a bit on the grill and 30 minutes of rest time made a juicy roast perfect for dinner and his work sandwiches.

We served the roast with Caesar salad (cheater dressing recipe from Cookie & Kate) and Dijon roasted potatoes (The Kitchn). Both were very good although the potatoes tried to hurt me. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the potatoes but me who carelessly forgot to put on an oven mitt when putting the pan back into the oven. Luckily it wasn’t super hot and I only have a little blister as a reminder of my carelessness.

Meal prep

Meal Prep on a boat

With our road trip last week, I ended up making his egg casserole and Greek salad on Monday. The eggs were particularly outstanding thanks to homemade pesto with basil from his mom and feta. I almost kept them for myself and I rarely eat eggs. But I was good and made my jalapeño steel cut oats (which I do absolutely love).

On Sunday, we prepped handsome hubby’s sandwich fixings for the week – he grilled a beef roast (which we enjoyed for dinner as well) and I made a loaf of bread. And with Thanksgiving on Monday, I postponed making his  egg casserole and Greek salad by a day.

Looking ahead to next week

That’s life on a boat for October 4-10. This week we celebrate a birthday that ends in “0” (mine) and continue work on that list of boat projects.

Stay safe and happy cruising.

Wife On a Boat

Life on a Boat October 4

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