Life on a Boat ~ September 27 – October 3

  • October 4, 2021
Life on a boat September 27

What did life on a boat look like for September 27-October 3? Well, it rained, Shiloh passed her survey and we took a road trip!

Insurance on a boat

It’s insurance time for Shiloh and we needed a new survey (or inspection) to get insurance. We don’t always think about everything we’ve done to Shiloh since we purchased her in 2018. Possibly because it’s just what we had to do. Or maybe because the list of things we still need/want to do is quite long.

Anyway, between the work we’ve done and the current market, our surveyor increased her value by over $30,000! Not bad for a 43 year old boat. Of course, the premiums will probably reflect this increase in value.

Fun on (or off) a boat

Life on a Boat September 27

On Monday, I had a wonderful visit with a cousin from Ontario. It was the first time I’d seen any of my Ontario family and friends in person in two years!! It was a much overdue visit and I enjoyed every minute of my time with her. We drove down to White Rock to check out the pier and water front paths.

White Rock bills their pier as the Canada’s longest pier. Now I am no expert on Canada’s piers, but it was quite long. And offered a lovely view of both the Blaine and Semiahmoo marinas. The wind was up but nothing like the day the pier was wiped out a couple of years ago.

We stopped at Frankie G’s Pub for lunch – their tomato soup and grilled cheese combo is one of my favourites on their menu. Not to mention their selection of local beer.

Life on a boat September 27

We hit the road to Kamloops on Thursday to visit handsome hubby’s mom. The trip started in the rain and and it rained all the way – sometimes very heavy and with the low hanging clouds there wasn’t  much opportunity to see the mountain views along the way.

We had a great visit with his mom and some other friends while we were in town. But really the trip was about the food. Both the food we made and the pubs and breweries we visited during our stay.

Duffy’s Pub: Turns out Thursday is there prime rib special day which handsome hubby and his mom enjoyed. I had the prawn and avocado salad (definitely one of my favourites on their menu).

Bright Eye Brewing: Yummy food and beer! Especially the roasted Brussels Sprouts – they are a must order anytime we visit. I also tried their Neapolitan Pizza which was very good and held up well to reheating for breakfast the next day.

Alchemy Brewing: This new to us pub was our final stop for the weekend. Their food is outstanding! We started with an order of the Smoked Wings with beer mustard sauce and I could have made that my main course! But the Glazed and Confused Burger was calling to me. Served on a brioche donut made fresh in house and topped with pork belly, bacon jam, American cheese, diced onion, pickle slices and Alchemy white and sweet BBQ sauce it was very good. Handsome hubby had the Beast Dip and he couldn’t finish it!! Oh yeah and the beer was very good as well.

For the couple of meals we ate at home, we enjoyed some homemade nachos and a duck feast. Handsome hubby did a great job on the seared duck breasts and gravy while I butchered mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot. I didn’t read the measuring cup correctly and there was definitely not enough water in the pot. Luckily I caught it in time but still not my best move.

Life on a Boat September 27

We headed for home on Sunday morning. Handsome hubby took the back way from Kamloops to Merritt – it was so pretty along highway 5A. I love when we get to take the slow route, even if only for a short bit of the trip.

Peppers and herbs on a boat

Peppers and herbs on a boat

When we left Kamloops my mother-in-law gave me a whack of small chili peppers and fresh herbs – mostly basil. So once we got home and enjoyed a leftovers lunch (thank-you Alchemy!), I started making some dried peppers and also some pickled peppers.

For the basil, I made a couple batches of pesto – one for dinner (pesto and oyster pasta) and the other for handsome hubby’s eggs this week. Not quite what I had planned to do but it was fun and should be tasty moving forward.

Exercise on a boat

A big fat zero this week!! Between rain and my sheer laziness, I skipped all my runs this week.

Food on a boat

Food on a Boat

This week’s recipes

  • Slow Cooker Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese (The Kitchn) served over spaghetti prepped in the Instant Pot (Melanie Cooks)
  • Vegan Poke Bowls (A Couple Cooks) with:
    • Instant Pot Beets (A Couple Cooks)
    • Instant Pot White Rice (Pressure Cook Recipes)
    • Spicy Mayo (A Couple Cooks)
    • The bowls were outstanding!! I think I tried this recipe once before while we lived on land and it stressed me out. But with experience and an Instant Pot, it wasn’t that hard or stressful. And it was sooooo good. At one point, I said to handsome hubby that if I’d ordered this in a restaurant I would be very happy. So that’s good, although I no longer have poke as an excuse to go out. I’m starting to run out of meals we can’t make on the boat.

Meal prep

On Sunday, we prepped handsome hubby’s sandwich fixings for the week – he grilled a pork tenderloin and I made jalapeno buns. There was one leftover serving of his egg casserole from last week so I postponed making that casserole until Monday.

Looking ahead to next week

That’s life on a boat for September 27-October 3. Now it’s back to life on the water and day to day life. This week, I’m making a list of projects we want to finish this fall and winter. Too often we say we want to upgrade or change something but forget about it as soon as we stop talking about it. So time for a plan!

Stay safe and happy cruising.

Wife On a Boat

Life on a Boat September 27 - October 3

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