Portobello Burgers & Watermelon Salad

  • July 29, 2021

We’re back in our home marina after a few weeks of roaming the Gulf Islands and slowly getting back to our routines.

Tonight was an old fav with a new twist – grilled portobello burgers marinated with an olive oil and Dijon mustard mixture. We always grill our portobellos for 7 minutes a side, starting with the cap side. Then we topped them with the last of our vegan antipasto and served on jalapeño buns.

And nothing tastes better as a side dish on a hot summer day than a simple watermelon salad! It is so refreshing and easy to mix and match with whatever is in the fridge or veggie pantry.

I start with a simple dressing – a bit of olive oil, dried mint, dill and basil to taste and a shot of either lime or lemon juice. Then I add cubed watermelon (kind of obvious), cucumber, red onion and feta. This particular one also included a perfectly ripe avocado (isn’t life the best when you slice open an avocado and find creamy green goodness?).

I tend to make it about 30 minutes before we eat, so the flavours marinate but everything is still crisp. Leftovers are good the second day but definitely best on day one.

Stay safe and happy cruising.

Wife on a Boat
Wife on a Boat
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