Life on a Boat – March 5-11

  • March 12, 2021
Life on a boat March 5-11

Life on a Boat – March 5-11

Well, so far, 2021 isn’t much of an improvement over 2020. We spent the previous week on land for some unplanned family stuff. And while I’m grateful we could be there to help and provide support, I wish we hadn’t been needed at all!! But c’est la vie, que sera sera and whatever other platitude fits here right now. Now we’re floating again and here’s a look at life on a boat for March 5-11.

Back into our Routine(s)

Once we returned to life on the river, it was back into daily routines – meal prep for the week, my running schedule, boat chores, hubby’s work schedule and regular bedtimes. It always amazes me how quickly I can get out of my routine and how hard it can be to get back into one.

Something living on a boat has taught me is the importance of routine. It’s so easy to be laidback. I mean we live on a boat – it’s a pretty laidback lifestyle overall. But water and fuel tanks needs to be filled to keep us in running water and heat. And my little fridge needs a good plan to keep us in food and our bellies happy.

So I jumped back into my routines. And to be honest it felt good – especially the morning runs.

Running on a Boat

Life on a Boat March 5-11

After a fairly nasty accident back in October, running (and most activity) was put on hold while I healed. Finally, in January I started to feel like myself and started running again. I promised myself when I started that I’d only doing this as long as it was fun. Now two months in, I’m hooked (again).

Turns out the time spent running along the river is fun. And I’m getting closer to a goal I set before my 48th birthday – to run a half-marathon before my 50th.

This week I ran 8k – the longest I’ve run since June 2017!! It’s been a long road back from my thyroid issues and an accident or two have put a damper on things recently… but I’m getting there. If all goes according to plan, I’ll run my half-marathon distance the week of June 14. Obviously, I’ll be doing it solo since running events are not exactly a thing right now.

Marina Life

Life on a Boat March 5-11

Living on a boat in a marina means lots of boat neighbours. And a real sense of community. When we found out we needed to head inland almost immediately, I called upon one of our neighbours to keep an eye on the boats (just in case). Of course they said yes right away and asked what else they could do to help.

I also let them know when we were heading home. And when we arrived our heat was turned on and a bouquet of tulips waiting for us.

And it’s like that everywhere around the marina. People almost looking for ways they can help others. It’s like living in a small town within the bigger city. I’m forever grateful we decided to make this move.

Rant of the Week

I’ts not all rosy living in a marina. I othen wonder why people leave their clothes sitting in the laundry room. And it often happens on Sunday nights and more times than I can count, it’s left in the washing machine. Which I’m sorry is just gross!! But how? Like do they start the laundry, fall asleep and then wait two days to get it?? Why?? Okay rant over

Food we ate this week

Instant Pot Love

Butter Chicken Instant Pot

Is there anything an Instant Pot can’t do??? I’m constantly amazed at how what I can create in that little appliance. This week’s Instant Pot highlight was Butter Chicken from 365 DAYS OF SLOW COOKING. So good and so easy – I mean you cook the rice, sauce and chicken together in the IP. And it’s all done in less than an hour. I made some spice changes to mine since I couldn’t find garam masala on the boat. But other than that, I followed the recipe and will be making it again!

Other recipes I used

Food on a boat March 5-11

  • Choose Your Own Flavour Egg Casserole: Handsome Hubby’s eggs this week were whatever veggies were still good in the fridge. So in other words, not my best effort but it got done.
  • Jalapeno Sandwich Buns The usual buns for sandwiches during the week.
  • Overnight Oats: With my thyroid issues, I’m trying to figure out my optimum eating habits. Since I don’t actually have a thryoid anymore, there’s nothing to cure or try to reverse. And the majority of thyroid diets are for people with Hashimoto’s or Graves disease and they still have a thyroid. But I decided to look at cutting back on my gluten consumption to see if that helps with my stubborn weight. So I’ve turned to overnight oats four mornings a week. And to be honest, I love them – even though the jalapeño buns look sooo good.
  • Flatbread: Butter Chicken needs something to dip in that rich and delicious sauce. And this flatbread recipe is so easy and quick!!
  • Roasted Brussels Sprout Bowls: This is one of my favourite recipes to make. I use Field Roast vegan sausage and make a hummus based dressing and try not to lick the bowl!! I also make my mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot (because there is nothing it can’t do).
  • Spaghetti and Vegan Meatballs for National Meatball Day: I use this chickpea based meatball recipe for my spaghetti and meatballs. I cut it in half – there would be way too many for two us as written. And yes, you guessed it, I made the spaghetti in the Instant Pot!

Boat Projects

Shiloh’s Engines

We may have some progress on Shiloh’s engines. The supplier is working on them – he feels they can be saved and well it is mistake that caused us this world of hurt. He beefed up the pushrods, cleaned up the heads and valves. And supposedly we have compression in all cylinders on the starboard engine. Work continues on the port engine and there are some other issues he is addressing.

But progress is a good thing, right? It’s just taking so long – he’s fitting us in around his regular day job which he does in his shop. We can’t come to his shop so he has to come to us.

Crossing fingers, toes, eyes that this process successful. So we’re still waiting and seeing…

Spring Commissioning

It’s that time of year to get the boats ready for the new year. Hubby has added a new BBQ to Shifty’s back deck and is getting ready to complete her fluid changes.

Upcoming this week

Ongoing projects

I’m still working on my recipe and photo projects. Will they end, I don’t know but I’m doing my best to get through them. I really should have finished them during the winter. Because now that the weather is nicer, I’m seeing all sorts of boat projects that I both want and and need to get working on.

Wind Power

Hubby is getting ready to add a wind generator to Shifty. Based on the amount of wind we get down here that may cut our hydro bills significantly. If it works out, we’ll add one to Shiloh too.

What’s on your agenda for the week?


Instant Pot – yay or nay?

I’m definitely a yay. And I’ll share just how we use one on the boat later this spring.

Do you have a special diet to help with health issues?


Stay safe and happy cruising!

Wife On a Boat


Life on a boat March 5-11

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