Boat Quote – The Anchor

  • February 15, 2021
Boat Quote - The Anchor

“Anchor as though you plan to stay for weeks, even if you intend to leave in an hour.” ~ Irish Sailor Tommy Moran

Dropping the anchor in a protected little cove or bay, whether for a lunch break, an afternoon or overnight, is one of our favourite things to do. And regardless of how long we plan to stay, we take the same precautions each time we drop the “hook”. 

We check the depth of water we’re parking in, whether the tide is rising or falling, let out the appropriate amount of chain for the water depth, weather conditions and other boats in the area, make sure the anchor is set, take note of our landmarks and set our anchor alarm. 

The same mentality can be applied to life. Regardless of the size of the task or job, whether it’s a quick email or important proposal. A weekend trip or a 6-month cruise. A weekday dinner for two or (eventually) a dinner party of six. Do it well and do it thoroughly. 

Stay safe and happy cruising!

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Boat Quote - Anchoring


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Boat Quote - Anchoring


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