Life on a Boat – October 16-22

  • October 23, 2020
Life on a boat October 16-22

Life on a Boat – October 16-22

Another week in the annals of 2020. Another extension on the Canada/US border closure. And a significant rise in Covid numbers here in B.C. Even though I do my best to keep a positive outlook, I am wondering if there is a light at the end of this tunnel. And if so, is it an oncoming train? Nonetheless here’s a look at life on a boat for October 16-22.

Getting in the steps

Life on a boat October 16-22

Last week’s birthday was the last one before the big 5-0. I really don’t care about the actual number – I’m happy to get older. But I want to start my next decade in a different place physically. With my thyroid issues the past two years, weight became really easy to put on. Coupled with little energy (or desire) to exercise and a love for food and drink, it wasn’t hard to get to a place where I’m not happy.

When I turned 48, I said I would run a 10k before 49 and a half marathon before 50. There was also a weight number I wanted to get to. But none of that happened. As much as I’d like to blame Covid or 2020, I can’t. It was just me not getting motivated.

Recently, I read Atomic Habits by James Clear and my first action item is making my new healthy habits attractive and easy with an obvious cue. So my first habit is simply putting on my running clothes and shoes when I get up. Even if I don’t go anywhere, I’m putting them on. And really, once I go to that much effort, I’m heading out the door.

The other part of this habit is to simply enjoy the process of going for a run, a run/walk or a walk every single day. I have no distance goals, no time goals, just the goal of having fun. Sometimes I stop and take photos along the way. Other times, I’m in the mood to run. Whatever, as long as I’m out there.

(Honestly, the book is full of great tips and ideas to create lifelong positive habits but I need to do things one small step at a time if I want to succeed).

I started on October 14 and so far, I’ve ran or walked nine times!!

Exercise on a boat

Exercise on a Boat October 16-22

My new healthy habits bring up an interesting point – exercise on a boat. It’s kind of like when we lived on land. But yet a bit different.

For starters, yoga and other work-out programs only work when my arms don’t extend over my head!! With just over 6 feet of headroom, there isn’t much room for tall people like us. At the same time there is something soothing about doing yoga while floating. I just need to keep it low to the ground.

And running is running. And living on the river, provides a wonderful setting for running and walking. There is always something to different to see whether it’s the flora or the fauna. Not to mention the clouds and sunrise.

The one downside is the wind. It is always windier along the river than a few blocks away. Sometimes my routes take the wind into account so I finish with the tailwind!

And rain has its own challenges – where to dry the wet clothes and shoes. Many years ago, I purchased shoe driers for handsome hubby’s work boots. But his company has a dry room so he didn’t need them. I almost purged them in the move to the boat, but for some reason held on to them. Turns out they are great to dry out my running shoes! The clothes though, they often drape over the lower helm or in front of the fireplace since there isn’t a lot of space to hang them.

Otherwise it’s pretty much the same.

Food Highlights

NEWS ALERT!!! We stayed away from the pub!! Our marina pub is just too close and handy for those nights I think I don’t want to cook. And I have the waistline and budget to show me just how often we went once they reopened this spring.

But not this week – we ate all our meals on the boat and it’s a small victory. We also ate really well (if I do say so myself)!

A decadent weekend

Food on a boat October 16-22

A new favourite; a regular favourite; and an old-time favourite made for a tasty weekend.

On Friday, I made bangers and mash poutine with mushroom gravy. And yes it was as decadent as it sounds. I started with oven fries – try this recipe if you want crispy fries from your oven. From there I added some vegan sausage, mushroom gravy, peas and, of course, cheese curds. Drooling as I type this!

If summer must end, then I shall embrace autumn with yummy cool weather dishes. Like this ravioli lasagna in the slow cooker. It’s rich, it’s cheesy, it’s oh so good and the leftovers are even better!! For life on a boat and a 3.5 quart slow cooker, I cut the recipe in half. I also add some spinach between the first two layers.

Once upon a time, I tracked when I made recipes. Not sure why, but a few recipes have notes on them. Like this Scalloped Potatoes with Caramelized Onions & Gruyere. The last time we made this recipe, was in Ontario in 2015 for my mom. While I remember my mom enjoying them, it is sad we haven’t made them once in five years.

Not making that mistake again. Like many recipes on the boat, I cut the recipe in half which makes really good servings for two with a bit leftover. It also serves four appropriately. We served the potatoes with grilled steak and some peas. Now how good do these potatoes have to be that the steak takes second billing???

Other recipes I used this week

Food on a boat October 16-22

  • Choose Your Own Flavour Egg Casserole: Handsome hubby’s eggs this week were Denver omelette inspired as his mom sent us home with leftover ham.
  • Jalapeno Sandwich Buns – The usual buns for burgers and sandwiches during the week.
  • Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes – I doubt anyone would ever know these are vegan and they are so easy!! I didn’t add icing as they needed to travel in handsome hubby’s lunches. Vegan baking bonus – I can eat all the batter!!!
  • Marinated BBQ Portobello Mushroom Burgers – I’m holding onto summer as long as possible with these grilled burgers and salads!!!
  • Vegan Jambalaya (Slow Cooker) – This recipe bills itself as a jambalaya easily made in the slow cooker. Whether it’s a true jambalaya is definitely up for debate, but it is certainly an easy recipe for a filling dinner. I cut the amount of rice and broth in half (otherwise it’s too much for my 3.5 quart slow cooker and the rice/veggie ratio just isn’t right for me).  It’s also easier for me to throw everything but the sausage into the slow cooker right from the beginning. I check the rice about 2 hours ahead of serving and if needed turn it up to high to get the rice cooked.
  • Loaded Black Bean Nachos – October 21 was International Day of the Nacho(!) so why not have a somewhat unhealthy dinner!! Between the black beans and other veggies, it’s still pretty healthy. I added a half can of corn and jalapeno to the mixture and omitted the green onions.
  • Mexican Tortilla Casserole – Confession time: this was so good, I licked my bowl. Luckily I was by myself as handsome hubby worked late. The mayonnaise aioli is what sets this casserole apart from others I’ve made. I didn’t have any chiptle peppers on board so I made my aioli with some TJ’s green hot sauce and a bit of lime juice. This recipe is a keeper and will be made often!!

Upcoming this week

Looks like it’s time to get used to the rain again. Plus Saturday’s forecast calls for -2°C overnight so I guess it’s time to get used to the cold again. I miss summer!!

I made some progress on my cupboards this week. Otherwise I found myself exploring all sorts of rabbit holes. It wasn’t all bad – I redid how we connect our YT Music to the boat stereo system. The previous system worked (more or less) but was cumbersome to say the least. Now by using one of handsome hubby’s old phones, YT music is always connected to our system and only needs one click on the remote!!

So it’s back to organizing the cupboards – the couple I finished work so much better and everything is easy to access. And maybe some teak. I’m seriously procrastinating on this one.


What’s on your agenda for the week?

How often to do you go out for dinner or order take-out?

Pretty sure we were averaging almost two trips a week to the pub. I’m hoping to limit that to once every two weeks at most. Fingers crossed.

Spotify or YT Music?

I really want to love Spotify but the last time I subscribed I couldn’t listen to a station based on my playlists. And that is a deal breaker for me – I like my eclectic music taste and don’t want to be locked into a genre or need to change the station throughout the day. Although I do miss Google Play Music – not sure why they had to change it.

Stay safe and happy cruising!

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Life on a boat October 16-22

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