Life on a Boat – October 2 – 8

  • October 9, 2020
Life on a Boat October 2 - 8

Life on a Boat – October 2 – 8

Life on a boat returned to normal this week after last week’s teak project. I spent more time in the galley and working on my volunteer and non-volunteer projects. We also noticed fall in the air and the earlier darkness reminded us the days are definitely getting shorter. This week was also a catch-up week for last week’s ignored chores and we stayed away from the pub (except for one teak celebratory dinner). As always, life on a boat continues and here’s a look at October 2-8.

The great teak unveiling!

Life on a Boat October 2-8

The teak toe rail project is complete! Definitely more work than I imagined and worth every minute and muscle ache.

I was going to add worth every penny too, but we really didn’t spend that much:

  • Daly’s Ship N’Shore: $33
  • Oscillating saw and sand paper: about $200
  • Tarps to keep the precious teak dry from ridiculous amounts of dew: $30
  • Three pub dinners (two when I was just too tired and sore to think about dinner and a third to celebrate): $180

So all in, the cost was about $440, although that doesn’t include wine.

Now we wait to see how the teak holds up during a Lower Mainland winter with all the rain!! If all goes according to our plans, we put a new coat of the Ship N’Shore on every six months with minimal sanding.

Vote on a Boat

Vote on a boat

With apologies to Dr. Seuss…

Would you, could you,
Vote on a boat?

I could vote, did vote, on a boat.
But I could not, did not, vote with a goat.

With a provincial election coming up in BC and not wanting to be around people unnecessarily, both Handsome Hubby and I voted by mail. This was the first time I voted on a boat.

Fogged in

Fogged in

We woke up to serious fog most mornings this week. It was both peaceful and eerie. There was no wind and the only sounds I could hear were birds chirping and fog horns from the freighters moving on the river. Yet, I couldn’t see the freighters or even the island that is my normal backdrop. Thankfully, the fog cleared up in the early afternoons leaving us with brilliant blue skies and warm temperatures.

A heron sh*t on my boat

A heron sh*t on my boat

We have a few resident herons at our marina. They seem to have their docks they call home. Our heron likes to perch on the pilings and survey his territory.

The other morning he was sitting on the piling just above our Tolly 26. He sat there while I came and went doing laundry. We seemed to have a good rapport as we chatted. But then, the heron sh*t on my boat.

So I got out the hose and washed down the boat. Luckily it was fresh enough I didn’t need to scrub and it wasn’t a direct shot. Isn’t life on a boat so romantic?

Food Highlights

Re-imagined leftovers

Chili Cornbread Potpies

I enjoy leftovers. But my handsome hubby isn’t quite as fond of them. So I tend to eat leftovers for lunch while he is at work and make fresh dinners. A good system until the weekend. We had too many leftovers during the week and the freezer was full.

One of the leftovers in the fridge was vegetarian chili. Chili is super easy to re-imagine as Chili Cornbread Potpies! They made a tasty and filling lunch on Saturday.

Celebrating National Days

Celebrating National Days

Having a meal plan makes my life simpler on a boat. But making a meal plan every week does become onerous, plus it’s easy to get in a rut.

That’s why I love my National Day calendars. There’s a National Day for just about everything and they help me narrow my focus while meal planning and encourage me to try new recipes.

This week is a good example, as we celebrated:

  1. National Taco Day (October 4): Spicy Grilled Vegetable Tacos using a recipe from Sara Haas. The tacos were very good and I can imagine using this recipe while we’re cruising. Simply make the marinade and chop the veggies before we leave in the morning and then grill everything when we reach our destination.
  2. National Vodka Day (October 4): We always have a batch of my jalapeno vodka in the cooler and use it with our Walter’s Caesar mix for football pre-game on Sundays. Just chop a couple of jalapenos and add them to a small jar of vodka. Let steep for a three to four days, remove peppers and strain seeds.
  3. National Apple Brown Betty Day (October 5): I’ve tweaked my recipe over the years moving from a sugar based treat to a more savory one. This is so easy to make and even more yummy to eat.
  4. National Noodle Day (October 6): Vegan Alfredo Linguine using cauliflower and made in the Instant Pot. I used this recipe from Nora Cooks which was pretty good. I would definitely make it again but look at adding few more spices as we found it a bit bland. It also makes a lot!!! More than we needed on a boat but we had a huge cauliflower (good think I like leftovers for lunch).
  5. National Kale Day (October 7). This was an easy one – kale caesar salad alongside some duck blueberry sausages handsome hubby brought home.
  6. Canadian Beer Day (October 7): Okay this one was pretty simple – handsome hubby filled a growler with our favourite craft beer – Slack Tide Hazy Pale Ale from Taylight Brewing in Port Coquitlam. There are lots of hazy beers out there but none quite compare to Slack Tide!

Other recipes I used this week

Life on a boat October 2

  • Deep Dish Pizza: Pepperoni, peppers, red onion and spinach on my deep dish pizza crust.
  • Choose Your Own Flavour Egg Casserole: Handsome hubby’s eggs included the last of the pepperoni, bell & jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, spinach and onions.
  • Curry Spiced Cauliflower Soup (Plant Based, Instant Pot): A neighbour gifted me a cauliflower earlier in the week, so I substituted cauliflower for the broccoli in my Curry Spiced Broccoli Soup. I also skipped the carrots because I had way more than two cups of cauliflower in the pot!
  • Easy Vegan Pear Cake: The same neighbour who gifted the cauliflower also gave me three pears. I’m not raw pear fan, but enjoy adding them to a sweet treat. This recipe from Exceedingly Vegan was easy and tasted just like fall. I swapped out the sunflower oil for applesauce.
  • Dutch Oven Jalapeno Bread: This no-knead bread recipe does not proof overnight! Between limited counter space and never wanting to wait for fresh bread, I appreciate a recipe that proofs for two hours before baking. I’ve made this recipe as written, without the cheese and jalapenos and this week as a half recipe with only jalapenos. They are all good.
  • Jalapeño Multigrain Sandwich Buns: Just the usual buns for burgers and sandwiches during the week.

Looking ahead to next week

So that’s life on a boat for October 2-8. Now it’s time for a road trip!! We’re visiting handsome hubby’s parents for Thanksgiving with an extra day to drive back the long way. Our usual route is the freeway and even though it goes through the mountains, it gets boring after a while.

But my birthday is on Tuesday and handsome hubby agreed to take the day off so we can take the slow route home. Hoping for good weather, fall foliage and lots of photo ops!!

Once we’re back on the water – it’s always weird when we spend time on land – it’s time to start working on our interior teak. Yes, teak. It does seem like a never ending project. But our cupboard doors and trim need attention. Luckily I can take my time and not stress about weather.

Stay safe and happy cruising.

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Life on a Boat October 2-8

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