Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage

  • September 15, 2020
Gnocchi Lasagna
Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage

Living on a boat, I either avoid or scale recipes that make way too much food for two people. But every once in a while I find a recipe that just sounds too good and isn’t really easy to scale back. This Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage by Grace Elkus (The Kitchn) is one of those dishes.

Now the good thing about this recipe is it makes a lot and it’s easy to share! So far, I’ve made it three times and all three times I’ve spontaneously shared it with someone.

First time’s a fluke?

The first time, I shared some with my next-door boat neighbour who gave me the gnocchi that led to trying this recipe. He lives alone and while he cooks on his boat, I’m pretty sure this is something he wouldn’t make. He enjoyed it and even brought me more gnocchi!!

Second time’s a coincidence?

The second time, even though it was a hot summer day, I was craving this lasagna. Then I found out other boat neighbours were leaving unexpectedly to visit her mom in the hospital. They were busy tying up loose ends for their 12 hour trip the next morning. So they joined us from dinner – it was one less thing for them to look after in a stressful time.

Third time’s a tradition!!

The third time may have been the most random sharing though. Handsome Hubby and I were in Sidney at the beginning of our recent cruise. Again, I had a craving for this dish and thought the leftovers would make easy meals at anchor or after a long passage. Weirdly, that day’s sunny, summer weather quickly changed to cold wind and rain (it wasn’t in the forecast). So a hot dinner sounded great!

As I was getting ready to serve our dinner, a sailboat started to dock in the slip opposite us. Handsome Hubby quickly jumped outside to offer assistance with lines and help the duo land safely. We chatted with them briefly and they mentioned their eight hour cruise had been challenging with deteriorating weather. We’ve been there and I know that the last thing I want to do after a day like that is make dinner. So we invited them to join us. And while they were a little surprised by the offer, they accepted.

Based on this history, the official name may be Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage, but I’m thinking of changing it to The Sharing Casserole. Regardless of what it’s called, it’s just darn good!

Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage

Just writing this post is making me crave Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage!! I wonder who I’ll share it with next time??

Making Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage on a boat

Making this on a boat is easy. I make it in my Magic Chef propane oven but I’m sure it could be adapted for the slow cooker or Instant Pot. The only thing is the volume of food. It makes a a lot!! But it does freeze well and the leftovers make a very, very, very tasty lunch. Plus it’s great to feed a crowd or share with friends and even strangers.

I make a few changes for our tastes and life on the boat. I sub two Field Roast Italian sausages to make it meatless and I use diced or crushed tomatoes instead of whole because that’s what’s on the boat.

Since we love spice, I add more to the sauce – basil, oregano, parsley, thyme and red pepper flakes. Finally, I cook it in my large Le Creuset dutch oven, because I no longer have a 9×13 dish on the boat as they don’t fit in my oven.

The last time I made this, I made another change that may become permanent. With only one can of white beans in the pantry and two portobello mushrooms needing to be used… You can see where this is going. The chopped mushrooms gave a meaty texture similar to ground beef and the white bean to gnocchi ratio was spot-on.

Get the recipe:

Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage: The Kitchn (Grace Elkus)

This Gnocchi Lasagna was made on a 37 foot Tollycraft using a Magic Chef propane stove. See other boat tested and tasted recipes.

Stay safe and happy cruising!

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Gnocchi Lasagna

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