Cherry Turnovers (from Bainbridge Boheme)

  • August 28, 2019

There’s a first for everything and today was trying my hand at turnovers. The National Calendar said it was Cherry Turnover Day and who am I to argue. Baking does not come easy to me. Maybe that’s because precision and patience is needed or it’s just not one of my talents.

Whatever the reason, I love when I find a recipe that both works for me and is easy to make on the boat – and this one from Bainbridge Boheme for vegan Sweet Cherry Turnovers fits the bill perfectly!

They may not win any prizes in the looks department but they certainly are yummy! And really when it comes to baking isn’t that really what matters? With another roll of puff pastry and more cherries in the freezer, I may have to work on refining my turnover technique.


A little messy around the edges and that one on the right kind of looks like a taco… but they are still all kinds of yummy!

The funny thing is that since we moved onto the boat, I’ve baked more new things than when we lived in the condo with more counter space and our fancy appliances. Now I have a little Magic Chef stove and oven, a small galley and I’m loving it.

And I guess that is why we made this move. To simplify and try new things. I just never thought baking would be one of them 🤷

And thank-you to Bainbridge Boheme for the recipe inspiration. I skipped the glaze on top – trying to keep the sugar levels lower to justify eating them for breakfast.

Hope everyone had a great Cherry Turnover Day or Wednesday or Hump Day or whatever you might be celebrating.

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