Celebrating World Bratwurst Day…

  • August 19, 2019

August 16 was World Bratwurst Day, Friday and a perfect day to grill. Plus when you have the best brats EVER, who could resist.

Earlier this summer we spent a night at the Brownsville Marina in Washington’s Puget Sound. The marina has good facilities and had a great deli with yummy choices for lunch. Beyond the marina, Brownsville is pretty small. There is a convenience store (which conveniently fills growlers), a U-Haul depot and Sweeney’s Country Style Meats.

Our plan after lunch was to explore Brownsville. Or rather, take the short walk to Sweeney’s to pick up something for dinner. The store is small, sort of like Brownsville itself, but full of meat and fish – something for everyone. After choosing a tri-tip roast to grill for dinner, handsome hubby opened the freezer behind us and discovered sausages and brats of all flavours.

We chose the traditional bratwurst ($13.97 for 4) with no real plans on when we’d eat them. Back at the boat, into the freezer the brats went while handsome hubby focused on the tri-tip roast. A little spice rub and a whole lot of grilling, we enjoyed an amazing dinner with friends.


So Good!

A few days later, we found ourselves at the Blakely Island Marina in the San Juan Islands. Our plan of spending one night changed to two thanks to wind and small craft warnings. With little options for provisioning or eating out, we decided it was a perfect time to try the brats.

While I sauteed our last pepper and onion and put together a salad, handsome hubby grilled a couple of the brats. And that’s when we found out just how good Sweeney’s Country Style Meats is. We thought they were a good size when we pulled them out of the freezer. Then somehow they actually grew while grilling!


These brats are HUGE!!! (and the chef is pretty darn handsome…)

In fact, they grew so much, we cut ONE in half for our dinner and it was more than enough! And they were SOOOO good. I don’t eat much meat – so when I do, I want good quality and great taste. These brats delivered.

After learning our lesson on Blakely Island, we only grilled one for World Bratwurst Day. And it was perfect.

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