A boat, wind and an extra-long weekend

  • September 12, 2018

This past weekend, Handsome Hubby and I took our Tollycraft 26′ boat for the two-hour run to Anacortes. The purpose? To join other Tollycraft Boating Club members for a mini-rendezvous. Or perhaps, more accurately, to have fun (wine, food, laughs) with friends on Cap Sante Marina’s docks.

While the weather forecast wasn’t great (we need rain but it could have waited until Monday!) it didn’t look bad when we set out on Thursday.


The weekend started off with great weather!

After a couple of adventures where we were in seas that were less than ideal, we’ve gotten into the habit of checking the forecast regularly to see if we need to adjust our plans. And sadly, when we woke up on Saturday, we found that a small-craft advisory had been issued for Sunday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. – exactly when we would be heading for home.

What to do? What to do?

Basically, we had three options:

  1. Gamble that Sunday’s weather and water would be okay enough for us to get home so we didn’t miss out on Saturday’s fun. (Frivolity before safety)
  2. Leave on Saturday while the weather was good but miss out on some fun. (Safety before frivolity)
  3. Wait out the weather in Anacortes, enjoy more time with our friends and head for home on Monday but Handsome Hubby would need to take the day off. (Frivolity and safety but a little spendthrifty)

Frivolity before safety isn’t smart boating (or so we’ve learned) so we quickly ruled out option 1. That left leaving early or staying late.

And since we’ve always said that we can stay an extra day to get home safely, we decided to make our trip an extra-long weekend. Cap Sante had room for us in our current slip so we didn’t have to move and I could relax and enjoy myself since we had made the decision to stay.

There turned out to be quite a few boats from our group who also decided to stay the extra day. We met at a nearby public house to cheer on the Seahawks (better luck next game) and have a fun Sunday afternoon.


The clouds were a bit ominous on Sunday morning

Handsome hubby and I decided to leave a first light on Monday for the trip home – there was the possibility of wind later in the morning. And we were rewarded with smooth waters all the way home. An added bonus was the amazing sunrise and clouds we saw as we traveled the two hours north.


What a beautiful sunrise on Monday as we headed for home

This was probably the last weekend we’ll be out on our little Tolly for a few months. She needs to be hauled out for some bottom paint and other regular maintenance projects. So the extra day in Anacortes was money and time well spent.

Oh and that wind forecast for Sunday? Turns out it was 31 knots in Bellingham! And the waves were crashing over boats coming alongside the breakwater as they tried to return to the marina.

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