Finding money in refrigeration

  • August 19, 2017

This summer when we were out on our boating adventure, we struggled a bit with having enough electricity while at anchor. Now, part of that was due to the fridge door being left open overnight (yeah, my bad).

But we also realized that the current fridge wasn’t the most energy efficient. It’s a household bar fridge with the teeny, tiny freezer that is effectively useless.

Plus that “freezer” takes up some valuable real estate that would be great for beer and wine veggies and fruit. And even though we don’t use it, it’s constantly trying to keep the freezer below zero – a waste of energy.

Our first theory was to simply disconnect the freezer, thus improving our energy consumption. And we quickly discarded that theory when we realized the freezer actually cools the entire fridge.

Onto theory number 2. This was to get a unit that was just a fridge. No freezer, no wasted space or energy. And that turned out to be easer said than done. We have a very specific size that the fridge must fit into on the boat and manufacturers don’t seem to make many period. But a random wandering in Wal-Mart revealed a Hamilton Beach 4.4 cubic foot fridge only unit with dimensions very similar to the existing fridge.

Normally, I would price check and wait for sales. But I knew this was perfect and saving $20 wasn’t worth the worry of it being sold out later (back to school for post-secondary students is just around the corner). So we grabbed it and took it down to the boat this weekend.

Handsome Hubby got to work getting the new fridge out of the box and changing what side the door opens from. (Why do fridges always open the opposite way to what you want?)

While he was busy outside, I cleaned out the old fridge and started pulling it out of its old spot. As I was crawling over the fridge to get around to the other side (remember this is a boat), I saw what looked like money on the floor. Assuming it was a dollar or two, I wasn’t that excited. Upon closer inspection, I saw zeros! Yes, multiple. Turns out there was a $100 (US) bill underneath our fridge.


After a serious happy dance to celebrate almost paying for the new fridge with money found under the old one, it was back to work. With some wiggling and pivoting, the old fridge exited the boat and the new one slipped into it’s spot.

But no, that would be too easy. The dimensions were similar, not exactly the same. So our new fridge was a bit narrower (no big deal) and a bit taller (a bigger deal). Thankfully a boat neighbour had a jig saw to lend and after a 1/4 inch (yep that was it) cut along the top of the hole, our new fridge was in place.

And it is perfect! So quiet and it isn’t on nearly as often as the old one. Plus the space – I can’t believe all the room we have without that “freezer”.  And the old one has a happy new home with some young people in their first place.

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