Cooking on a Boat

Boat Tested Recipes

Boat Tested Recipes

Cooking on a boat is different from cooking on land. For starters, everything is smaller – the fridge, the stove, the pantry and most definitely the counter space. Which makes boat tested recipes invaluable!

And there is limited space for gadgets and appliances, so everything needs to do at least two jobs to have a spot on our boat. Here are our primary appliances:

  • MagicChef 3-burner propane stove (original to the boat in 1978)
  • Hamilton Beach All Refrigerator Bar Fridge
  • Instant Pot 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker – 6 Qt
  • Crock Pot 4Qt. Oval Slow Cooker
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Ninja Professional Blender
  • Cuisinart Mini-Prep 3-cup Chopper/Grinder
  • Keurig K-Compact Coffee Maker (actually used for hot water for French Press coffee and pots of tea)
  • Shardor Burr Grinder Mill Electric Coffee Grinder
  • Dickinson Marine Sea-B-Que (BBQ)
  • Frigidaire ice maker
  • And the world’s smaller freezer which is actually the built-in ice maker on the boat

And the one thing we don’t have – a microwave. When we moved onto the boat, we realized just how space the microwave took up. By getting rid of it, there was room for easy access to the Instant Pot, Kitchen Aid mixer and slow cooker!

Lots of my favourite recipes made the transition to the boat. Others have been adapted and a few have fallen by the wayside. All of these recipes are boat tested and taste tested.

Savoury Oatmeal
A Savoury Breakfast - Everything But The Bagel Jalapeño Oatmeal
Christmas Dinner On A Boat
Christmas Dinner on a Boat
Lemon Mushroom Risotto (Instant Pot)
Lemon Mushroom Risotto (Instant Pot)
jalapeno vodka on a boat
Jalapeño Vodka
Chili Cornbread Potpies
Chili Cornbread Potpies
Deep Dish Pizza Dough (Plant Based)
Deep Dish Pizza Dough (Plant Based)
Nine Vegetarian Recipes for life on a boat
Nine Vegetarian Recipes for Life on a Boat
Red Beans & Rice (Plant Based, Slow Cooker)
Red Beans & Rice (Plant Based, Slow Cooker)
Marinated BBQ Portobello Mushroom Burgers
Marinated BBQ Portobello Mushroom Burgers (Plant Based)
Gnocchi Lasagna
Tasty Tuesday: Gnocchi Lasagna with Spinach, White Beans, and Sausage
Jalapeño Multigrain Sandwich Buns
Tasty Tuesday: Jalapeño Multigrain Sandwich Buns (Plant Based)
Watermelon Salad
Tasty Tuesday: Mediterranean Watermelon Salad
Roasted Veggie & Black Bean Bowls
Tasty Tuesday: Roasted Veggie & Black Bean Bowls (Plant Based)
Tasty Tuesday Vegan BBQ Bowl
Tasty Tuesday: Vegan BBQ Bowls (Plant Based)
Four Cheese Mac & Cheese (Instant Pot)
Four Cheese Mac & Cheese (Instant Pot)
Easiest Broccoli Tuna Casserole (Instant Pot)
Easiest Broccoli Tuna Casserole (Instant Pot)
Easiest One-Pot Veggie Pasta (Plant Based, Instant Pot)
Spicy Coleslaw (Plant Based)
Spicy Coleslaw (Plant Based)
Apple Berry Steel Cut Oatmeal (Instant Pot)
Shrimp Scampi Deep Dish Pizza
Shrimp Scampi Deep Dish Pizza
White sangria berry crumble
White Sangria Berry Crumble (Plant Based)
Slow Cooker Pot Roast
Slow Cooker Pot Roast - Sunday Dinner & Meal Prep
Banana Chocolate Snack Cake
Smoked Oyster, Bacon & Spinach Deep Dish Pizza
'Hamburger' Helper (Plant Based, Instant Pot)
'Hamburger' Helper (Plant Based, Instant Pot)
Bangers and Mash (Plant Based)
Bangers and Mash (Plant Based)
Curry Spiced Broccoli Soup (Plant Based, Instant Pot)
Lentil Stew (Vegan, Slow Cooker)
Quinoa Veggie Chili (Plant Based Slow Cooker)
Quinoa Veggie Chili (Plant Based, Slow Cooker)
Egg Casserole
Choose Your Own Flavour Egg Casserole
Masala Curry Mac & Cheese
Masala Curry Mac & Cheese (Plant Based, Instant Pot)
Salmon Pot Pies
Salmon Pot Pies
Cherry Turnovers (from Bainbridge Boheme)
Celebrating World Bratwurst Day...

Yummy Recipes from other sources

(all boat tested and boat approved)

Main Dishes

Butternut Squash Risotto (Plant Based, Instant Pot): Make Real Food
Easy Weeknight Veggie Gnocchi (Plant Based, Stove Top): Super Healthy Kids
French Dip Sandwiches (Vegetarian): Budget Bytes
Spicy Tuna Guacamole Bowls: Budget Bytes